Dog Days of Summer.

Dog wearing a golf outfit

Its the middle of July, 90 plus degrees outside. The grass has not needed mowed for weeks now and is no longer green. These are the dog days of summer. This is our favorite time of year to get out on the course and hit some balls around. This is the best time to play golf! Just remember to watch out for those pesky trees!

Pro Tips

pro golfer holding a golf ball

So today you feel like playing golf? You arrive at your favorite course, you stop to admire the freshly mowed lawn, you stop and stare at the majestic trees lining the first hole...You are ready for another great day of golf! The problem is, you swing sucks, that;s where are pro golfer tips can help get that swing turned around..just think from now on no more hitting trees, no more losing your ball in the grass thats never mowed! This can happen, we can help.